About David

About my friend, David Campbell

By Rep. Peter Ramsey (D-Manchester)

It was in the halls of the NH State House in 1978 that I first met David, and we have been close friends ever since. He was even “best man” at my wedding.

Democrats were in the minority thirty-four years ago, and when I came back in 2006, at David’s urging, we had a big majority. The last two years, we were in a super-minority, so this election is critical in our battle to regain the Democratic majority, and David, as usual, has taken a leadership role in that process.

I can think of no better way than with new, fresh, and effective leadership. I am honored to recommend David Campbell to you as our new leader and next Speaker of the NH House.

David grew up in Newport, NH, in a middle-class and very Democratic family. David was a leader in his class at Newport High School where he graduated in 1975. He received a scholarship to Harvard College, where he was a campus leader. David graduated with honors from Harvard and from Suffolk University Law School, which he paid for himself.

I think it’s a tribute to David that many of his long-time colleagues didn’t know for years where he went to College... and that’s because David is more “Newport”... than he is “Harvard.”

David was first elected to the House from Newport as a college student, like me. We served two terms together and were seatmates on the Appropriations (now Finance) Committee. We were young and in the minority, but often successful, because we dealt honestly and openly with the leaders of the era. Even in his early twenties, David was a respected and effective legislator and got along, as he does now, with members of both parties.

David worked and was a leader on the 1980 Kennedy campaigns. While in college he even put together a New England-wide effort for the public to buy the Red Sox... it failed, but it was a great story.

When both of his parents passed away about 14 years ago, David became the head of his large extended family. In memory of his parents, he, his sister and brother, built and donated a small park in their hometown of Newport.

You can see that David’s always been a leader, but he also always worked hard. Since 1988 he has had a successful, solo law practice in Nashua. But in 2004, he told me that he wanted to go back to the House, because he felt there he could make a difference. David, like all of you, has chosen public service. Now he has taken on the responsibility of running for Speaker of the House.

David is one of our Party’s and State’s most effective legislators. He is the leading expert in the House on bonding, capital fiscal matters and the state’s Transportation system, but his knowledge spans the spectrum of legislative issues. Those of us, who watched David this past biennium, were impressed and amazed by the leadership he showed on the floor and in the media, all without a formal leadership position or title, and with the utmost respect for our current leadership team.

When David speaks... people, and the media across the State listen, because they know he is factual and they will hear the truth. Plain and simple, but with passion and humor, he is respected by both sides of the isle. That is the kind of leader that we as Democrats — and the entire NH House — need to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

David is a generous person and a loyal friend. He is always willing to help, be it a friend in need, a fellow legislator asking advice, or a person in need of pro-bono legal help. David has remained close to many, many friends that span his entire life.

He is smart, quick on his feet, well spoken, and kind, with a wonderful sense of humor. David can laugh at himself.

With a lifetime of government involvement, and the right mix of personal and legislative skills, he is ready to lead us as Speaker.

I am proud to support David Campbell, and ask that you join with me on November 17 to elect David as our next leader and the next Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Please feel free to call or email me anytime.

Respectfully yours,

Peter Ramsey