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Campbell Ready for Speaker's Post

Editorial, Nashua Telegraph
Friday, November 16, 2012

New Hampshire Democrats were granted a fresh new start last week when voters returned them to power in the House of Representatives.

House Democrats should respond in kind by electing a fresh new leader – Nashua Rep. David Campbell – to be their next speaker when they caucus Saturday.

He is qualified. He is respected. And, perhaps most important of all, he has a proven track record of putting partisanship aside and working with members of the other party.

That Campbell is competing for the post against former House Speaker Terie Norelli, of Portsmouth, should come as a surprise to no one.

The six-term lawmaker formally announced his interest back in June – at a time when his anticipated opponent was going to be House Speaker William O’Brien, who already had announced his plans to seek re-election.

So this isn’t some quixotic, eleventh-hour bid prompted by last week’s convincing Democratic victory, which shattered the GOP’s 3-1 stranglehold on the House and returned the chamber to Democratic rule.

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