Why I'm Running

As a Democrat and as a life-long New Hampshire resident, the last two years have been difficult:  being in a super-minority and watching the House repeatedly vote to radically alter the very policies that have over the decades established New Hampshire as the best state in which to live, run a business and raise a family.  Maintaining New Hampshire’s quality of life, which has been second to none, will be my top priority.

I believe that I have the leadership and parliamentary skills necessary to lead the New Hampshire House of Representatives, to deal with the challenges that lie ahead, and to work collectively to formulate policies that benefit our State and its citizens. I have formed relationships through the years that will allow me to effectively communicate with:  members of my own party, my Republican colleagues, Senators and Councilors of both parties, department heads, the media, and most importantly, the public.

It is imperative that we restore political sanity and a moderate, common-sense state government during the next biennium.  I want to lead a House that honors civility, common courtesy and fairness between its members, on and off the floor.  I am running for a new legislative future, with new energy and a new messenger.

The House of Representatives must elect a Speaker who will energize, inspire and unite, not only Democrats, but to the extent possible, the entire NH House as a whole.  I offer myself as that leader.

 ~ Announcement for Speaker Letter, June 2012, David Campbell